Help Desk As a Service

Help desk is a multi-dimensional resource, designated to help in reducing downtime in IT services and functions and making them available for maximum time. It is specially focused on end-user functionality, and, thus, is responsible for the quick resolution of immediate needs, incidents, and technical issues of end-users.

diagram of helpdesk support process

Machina IT Helpdesk As a Service Benefits:

24×7 Support

Stop dealing with automated responses and long wait times, and instead get the help you need when you need it.

Per Device Pricing

We understand that your needs are constantly changing, so we offer pricing based on the number of devices and make it easy for you to scale up or down.

Fast Response Time

At Machina IT our priority is on our customers and when you get in touch with our friendly help desk specialists you’ll find out just how quickly we respond.

Predictable Monthly cost

No more mysterious contracts with hidden fees and line items that don’t make sense. We lay it out clearly and make it easy for you to understand how much you get for your monthly cost.

No long Term Contract

We believe in earning your business, and our team will strive to deliver oustanding work and customer service every day.


You tell us how many devices you’ve got, and we’ll tell you how much. It’s that simple even when you need to add or remove devices.

Ready to Invest in Help Desk Services That Work for Your Business?

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